Tractor AXOS 340C-3-wheels

Wheel configuration: 3 x 2
Engine: Perkins
Engine capacity: 4400 sm3.
Max output: 102 h/p.
Transmission type: TWINSHIFT
Transmissions available: 10/10
Track: 1800 or 2400 mm.
Wheelbase: 2470 mm.
Agrotechnical clearance 860 mm.
Length: 3900 mm.
Width: 2200 or 2690 mm.
Height: 2800+/-50 mm.
Weight: 4000 kg.

Three-wheeled AXOS - is a machine for daily use. Created specifically for the needs of our region. With its compact dimensions, it delivers enormous flexibility for a wide variety of jobs.

Manufacturer: Claas / Germany

Posted in Information on Jun 28, 2018