SCORPION telehandlers

Lifting capacity: 3.5 - 5.6 t.
Lifting height: 6.13 - 7.03 m.
Working hydraulics (gear pump/load sensing): 106/160 - -/200 l/min
Output (ECE R120): 100/136 - 115/156

The new SCORPION models offer greater handling performance, thanks to increased lifting capacity and new advanced driver-assistance systems, improved driver comfort and efficiency, along with improved safety and reliability. These benefits stem from a range of new features, such as DYNAMIC POWER for engine management, the new SMART LOADING driver-assistance system for fine control of the working hydraulics and overload protection, a fully automatic parking brake, controlled crab steering as a fourth steering option and an all-new cab configuration.

Manufacturer: Claas/LIEBHERR / Germany

Posted in Information on Jun 28, 2018