Maschio UFO C Disk Harrow

Version 600
Required power(hp) 260-360
Working width(cm) 600
Working depth (cm) from 6 to 12
Disc number 48
Disc type 610
More versions are available

UFO C rigid frame is the solution for medium farms looking for a strong, reliable and performing disc harrow. It matches with tractors from 110 to 200 HP and is available in widths from 2.5 to 4 m. To complete the machine, UFO C is provided with side containing discs as a standard feature, and it is possible to choose among diff erent rear rollers.

UFO C folding frame is a large machine with great performance for disc tillage on wide soil extensions: the winning choice for big farmers that need to prepare soil in a very short time frame. Tractors which match with UFO C folding are in a range from 160 to 360 HP.

Equipment set:

  • V-shaped disc harrow and trolley (in two versions);
  • front gears equipped with earth scrapers;
  • trolley with hydraulic system and depth stop;
  • simple and fast adjustment of the cutting angle;
  • Sturdy system with thrust roller bearings with special seal.

Additional equipment:

  • Plates with a reflector (2 pcs.);
  • discs from 610 to 660 in diameter - serrated;
  • pneumatic braking system (2 circuits);
  • enlarged wheels.

Manufacturer: Maschio / Italy

Posted in Information on Apr 26, 2020