Maschio Artiglio subsoilers

Version 250/5
Required power(kW/hp) 110-147 / 150-200
Working width(cm) 250
Working depth (cm) 55
Tines (N.) 5
More versions are available

The ARTIGLIO model is suitable for high-power tractors (from 150 to 390 HP). Maximum working depth is 55 cm with different widths available, and configurations from 5 to 11 shanks. A new frame that is completely welded confers the best resistance to all stresses, shear bolts are the main protection for machine against impact with obstacles in deep layers. High soil clearance (90 cm – 3 feet) and the exclusive “wave” design of flanks allows always a good flow of soil and residues under the subsoiler, preventing any clogging. The double rear roller is hydraulically adjusted from the tractor driver’s seat.

It is designed for breaking the soil surface and is equipped with an anchor. The treatment carried out by this device, the so-called soil deepening, occurs at a depth, exceeding the depth of conventional processing (up to about 65 cm). With the help of this tool, work is carried out to shift and saturate the soil with air at a depth, breaking treated surface and effect on deeper layers, thus avoiding harmful effects from mixing with surface layers.

Loosening is a good alternative to plowing soil, especially on dense soils. This tool makes partial mulching by stubble residues of the soil surface (from 30 to 60%), that sieves solves the problem of soil erosion and compaction, and also increases its fertility. The soil is treated at a greater depth without mixing, i.e. the layer being processed is not created. Loosening is becoming an increasingly common method of cultivating the land, preserving its fertility. Artiglio machines are the most modern equipment capable of restoring the structure of compacted soils by loosening and draining, as well as performing full tillage to a depth of 65 cm, replacing the cultivator.

Manufacturer: Maschio / Italy

Posted in Information on May 18, 2020