Claas front loaders

Model FL 140 C
Maximum height(m) 4.5
Digging depth(m) 0.2
Ripping power(kg) 2 670
Lifting capacity(kg) 2 320
Lifting time(s) 6.4
Tilting time(s) 1.4
Empty weight without equipment(kg) 720
More versions are available

From traditional applications in agriculture and forestry to specialist tasks in the municipal sector – front loaders are used for a huge variety of work.

With more than 18 models in three series, a CLAAS front loader prepares you for anything and considerably extends the capabilities of tractors with an output of 45 to 300 hp.

The benefits for you:

  • Choice of convenient operating systems: PROPILOT, FLEXPILOT, TECHPILOT, ELECTROPILOT.
  • MACH quick-attachment coupler for electric and hydraulic circuits
  • FITLOCK system for quick, safe and convenient fitting / removal
  • SHOCK ELIMINATOR vibration damping
  • Integrated hose lines allow an excellent view and prevent damage
  • SCS system: synchronises the third function with bucket filling or dumping
  • ACS for automatic attachment positioning
  • SPEEDLINK for fully automatic fitting and removal of all attachments, including those with hydraulic and electrical functions

Manufacturer: Claas / Germany

Posted in Information on May 18, 2020