Tractor ARION 630C
Engine with DPS: 6068HRT83В
Max output: 155 h.p.
Amount of cylinders: 6 turbo
Number of valves per cylinder: 2
Hydraulic system capacity: 60 l.
Transmission type: QUADRISHIFT
Transmissions available: 16/16
Lifting capacity: 6 900 kg.
Front tires: 420/85 R28
Rear tires: 520/85 R38
Common length: 5 155 mm.
Wheelbase: 2820 mm.
Fuel tank: 280 l.
Common weight: 9250 kg.

We've listened to you and equipped the new ARION with plenty of new features to lighten your daily workload and provide greater comfort and convenience: a new top model with a maximum output of 205 hp, a new CEBIS display with touch operation and a new armrest in the CIS+ version.

Manufacturer: Claas / Germany