Turkmenistan Harvests Over 1.05 Million Tons of Cotton

Turkmen farmers successfully fulfilled their contractual obligations of cotton harvest. The farmers collected more than 1 million 50 thousand tons of cotton.

The statistical data on harvested cotton in each region of Turkmenistan is as follows: Ahal velayat-207 thousand tons, Mary velayat-313 thousand tons, Dashoguz velayat-230 thousand tons, Balkan velayat-5 thousand tons and Lebap velayat-300 thousand tons.

This year, private agricultural producers began to cultivate cotton for the first time, and were allocated plots of land in the provinces from a special agricultural land fund.

The farmers of the country who have successfully fulfilled the plans of the harvest are continuing the picking of cotton.

The state allocated 550 thousand hectares of land for cotton cultivation this year. Starting next year, Turkmenistan plans to reduce land plots allocated for wheat cultivation from 760,000 to 690,000 hectares. Lands freed from wheat will be allocated for cotton cultivation.

Source: Business Turkmenistan

Posted in News on Nov 11, 2019