Rice Producers of Dashoguz Hit Production Target

Farmers of Dashoguz velayat fulfilled the production target by harvesting 35 thousand tons of rice from 8.1 thousand hectares of land.

The farmers delivered the new yield, which mainly consists of Nukus 2, Munbashy and Alenga varieties, to modern rice processing facility of the S. Turkmenbashy etrap, which specializes in production of this crop.

Rice harvest in the velayat involved about 200 combine harvesters of the John Deere and Class brands, as well as up to 400 units of special vehicles and aggregates.

Rice farming is one of the key agricultural industries in the northern region. The region harvested about 35 thousand tons of rice from 8.1 thousand hectares of land.

The farmers of Lebap velayat also planted rice on 10.2 thousand hectares of land. Earlier harvests ripened in the etraps of Sayat, Halach, Kerki, Koytendag, Charjev, Darganata and Farap. This year, Lebap farmers plan to obtain 47.4 thousand tons of rice from the fields have already begun to bring their first crops to the market.

Entrepreneurs and individual enterprises also entered rice cultivation. Myradym private enterprise leased 2 thousand hectares of land to cultivate rice on the territory of the Kerki etrap. The enterprise makes finishing touches to the construction of a 10 thousand ton rice processing complex near the town of Kerki.

The velayat also carries out a comprehensive testing of seed rice purchased abroad. The Flagman rice variety purchased in Russia was successfully tested in 4 etraps in the region.

Source: Business Turkmenistan

Posted in News on Nov 13, 2019